Communications Partnership

The Communications Partnership

The Communications Partnership (TCP) is a collective network of 33 public relations agencies and marking service providers that PMG supervises. We offer clients a unique opportunity: true, personalized local attention wherever they are.

The Communications Partnership is everywhere.  We have offices in Austin, Atlanta, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and more. 

We share an agreed service fee structure so if a client in Los Angeles suddenly needs PR efforts in Nashville, they’ll get a fair price—the same as if they’d hired locally, because we ARE local.

It also means we provide more than PR with our team. Our collective skill set includes social media, advertising, film exhibition and distribution, event production, publishing and even personal services.

Through the Communications Partnership, One Size Fits All.  Or, more accurately, OUR Size Fits All, but with boutique attention and value straight down the line.